Claire Denis on Women Filmmakers, Working With Robert Pattinson

Presiding over Venice Film Festival’s Horizons jury, French filmmaker Claire Denis stopped by the festival and Mastercard’s “Life Through a Different Lens: Contactless Connections” talk on Thursday.

The “Beau Travail” helmer addressed the female directors issue head on.

“I am not a pioneer.

There weren’t many women when I started, I knew there wasn’t going to be a lot of support, but since #MeToo there is this fight to have more of them present, also at festivals.

It doesn’t mean that it used to be hard and now it’s oh-so-easy.

Making films is difficult for men and for women.

But more difficult for women, still.”Asked about pointers for those who want to embark on a similar career, Denis replied: “Be stubborn.

That’s the only thing I know.

When you say ‘embark,’ I see someone getting on a boat, crossing the oceans, and

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