Covid Anxiety Finds a Sequel as Hollywood Confronts the Next Wave

This week provided an unwelcome, although not entirely unexpected, raft of Covid news in the entertainment industry: Rising case numbers, a canceled theatrical release, confusing protocols, uncertain futures, and a movie-star ultimatum.

IndieWire editor in chief Dana Harris-Birdsong and editor-at-large Anne Thompson stopped for a Double Take to assess what might happen next.Dana Harris-bridson: This was a busy week for Covid in Hollywood.

We saw the guilds and producers tentatively negotiate a short-term deal that appears to be double-jointed in its flexibility: It simultaneously relaxes Covid protocols while “allowing” producers to require vaccinations in Zone A on sets.

Meanwhile there’s a 15.7 percent positive test rate in Clark County, Nevada, where Las Vegas plans to host CinemaCon next month.

In the U.K., A24’s “The Green Knight” was pulled from theatrical distribution two weeks before release in response to rapidly rising Covid fears — even though the

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