‘Creed III’ Review: Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors Duke It Out in Cluttered Sequel

Halfway through his first professional fight — a title fight, no less — “Diamond” Dame Anderson (Jonathan Majors) uses a break between rounds to get rid of a tooth that his fierce competitor, Felix Chavez (Jose Benavidez), has knocked loose during their bruising battle.

If that sounds painful, it looks even worse, but the former Golden Gloves champ simply spits it out, gets back in the ring, and wins big.

He will not be deterred.

Nothing will stop him.

What could be scarier in a competitor than that?In Michael B.

Jordan’s “Creed III,” the franchise star adds “director” to his resume with And while the basic idea that fuels the central battle of the film is thrilling enough — who would want to go up against Jonathan Majors, let alone a Jonathan Majors driven by righteous anger? — an overcooked script from Keenan Coogler and Zach Baylin, full of other diversions and potential disasters,

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