Daisy Ridley Confirms Rey Was Almost a Kenobi, Then Her Parentage Got Retconned

Of all the mysteries strung through the most recent “Star Wars” trilogy, none caused as much fervor as Rey’s parentage.

“The Force Awakens” never revealed the identity of Rey’s parents, which ignited fan theories about whether or not the character could be a Skywalker, a Kenobi, or another offspring of a famous “Star Wars” character.

“The Last Jedi” threw those theories out the window by revealing Rey’s parents were nobodies, only for “The Rise of Skywalker” to confirm Rey is actually Palpatine’s granddaughter.

Was Rey Palpatine the plan since the beginning? Daisy Ridley says not at all.During an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” with her friend and “Murder on the Orient Express” co-star Josh Gad, Ridley walked viewers through the history of changes that were made to Rey’s parentage throughout the production of her “Star Wars” trilogy.

It turns out the earliest iteration of

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