Danny DeVito Had One Requirement For His It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Role

America’s sweetheart Danny DeVito has been a staple of the boundary-pushing comedy series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” for years now, but the 78-year-old was actually the last main cast member to join the gang.

DeVito didn’t join the series until season two, but has been in nearly every episode since.

The “Taxi” alum plays the father of Dennis and Dee Reynolds, although that title is up for debate.

The series is a huge hit now, but the first few seasons didn’t get a lot of attention, and the rest of the cast was totally unknown at the time.

So how did a huge star like DeVito get roped into a gritty underdog show like “Sunny?” The truth is that the comedian was a huge fan of the sitcom from the get-go, but he still had one condition before signing on.DeVito was first introduced to the cast of “Sunny” through Emmy-nominated producer John Landgraf.

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