David Chase Says Tony Sirico Was the Only ‘Sopranos’ Actor to Successfully Demand Dialogue Be Changed

In the days following Tony Sirico’s death, the cast and crew of “The Sopranos” have come out in droves to remember the man forever known as Paulie Walnuts.

Sirico’s acting talents and sense of humor have been widely celebrated, but “Sopranos” creator David Chase wants fans to know that Sirico was also a natural writer.

Chase revealed that Sirico was the only actor who ever convinced the showrunner to alter a script, in a new interview with Vulture.“I will say, Tony was part of one of the greatest casts of all time,” Chase said.

“It was certainly the greatest cast I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with some incredible casts.

But he was the only one who ever asked me to have a line changed.

And I did it.”It turns out that Sirico wasn’t concerned with any of his own dialogue, but

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