David Fincher Is Working on a ‘Film Appreciation’ TV Series Where Guests Discuss Favorite Movies

David Fincher made one of 2020’s most acclaimed movies in “Mank,” but the longtime director has no plans to rest easy following that the Netflix film’s warm reception.Fincher discussed a handful of projects he is working on during a recent interview with Aaron Sorkin on the Director’s Guild of America’s The Director’s Cut podcast.

In the interview, Fincher outlined three projects he was working on, including a limited series that will be written by Robert Towne, who wrote the script for the 1974 “Chinatown” film and the first two “Mission Impossible” movies.“I am playing with adapting a French graphic novel about an assassin,” Fincher said on the podcast.

“Robert Towne and I are trying to break a limited series that is sort of a prequel to ‘Chinatown’ — Jake Gittes’ time in Chinatown with Lou Escobar.

And I’m working on a show about film appreciation

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