‘Deliver Us’ Directors on How to Make Your Low Budget Film Look Hypnotic and Gorgeous — Horror Film School

Horror Film School is a new feature in which talent in front of and behind the camera share the ins and outs of creating the biggest onscreen scares.Creative duo Lee Roy Kunz and Cru Ennis wrote and directed the religious indie horror film “Deliver Us,” which was just released in select theaters and VOD.

The story — a nun mysteriously gets pregnant with twins and is investigated by a representative of the Vatican (played by Kunz), worried that one will be the Messiah and one will be the Antichrist — sounds like it would touch on many of the same ideas as other films released this year, such as “The Pope’s Exorcist” and the upcoming “The Exorcist: Believer.” But the visually-stirring work relies on impressive sets, creative camerawork, dynamic lighting and an appreciation for Biblical images in order to maintain a constant sense of fear and unease.

Here, the duo recommend…

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