‘Devs’: Rob Hardy’s Cinematography Brought the Mysterious Research Lab to Life

Outside the secret Devs research facility, the world of writer/director Alex Garland’s FX limited series (aptly titled “Devs”) is a recognizable, present-day Bay Area.

In the pilot, we follow Segei (Karl Glusman) and Lily (Sonoya Mizuno) from their San Francisco apartment to the fictional Silicon Valley tech giant Amaya where they work.At the center of the Google-like Amaya campus, buried in the Redwoods, is the windowless Devs complex, which houses the science fiction and mystery of Garland’s story.

When Sergei becomes one of the few select employees granted the special security clearance to enter Devs, we finally get to see inside the vacuum-sealed building to discover a pulsing gold metal interior that houses a quantum computer, the beating heart at its core.“There’s the idea that the scientific heart of the space is also the most magical and lyrical and sort of poetic area within the story,

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