Did Cliff Booth Kill His Wife? Zazie Beetz, Bo Burnham, and More Answer ‘Hollywood’ Mystery

While IndieWire asked guests at our Sundauce studio which films they were championing at the 2020 Academy Awards (the support for “Parasite” in Park City was through the roof), Collider was busy asking a different question related to one of the Oscars’ most nominated films, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” The question: Did Cliff Booth kill his wife? The answer remains a mystery in Tarantino’s “Hollywood” script, although a brief flashback scene depicts Cliff (Brad Pitt) and his wife arguing on a boat and suggests there’s a strong possibility he murdered her.

Several industry characters in “Hollywood” refuse to work with Cliff because they believe he is guilty.

Tarantino never depicts Cliff killing his wife, and what really happened has become one of “Hollywood’s” most debated plot points.“I’m hoping it’s an accident,” Paul Bettany told Collider.

“Because otherwise why did I like him so much in the movie?

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