Did Nathan Fillion Just Tease a Role in an ‘Uncharted’ Movie?

Update: It’s definitely something to do with “Uncharted.” Fillion posted another image on his Instagram Thursday, which you can see above.

More details below.“Castle” and “Firefly” Actor Nathan Fillion made his geekiest fans flip Wednesday when he posted a clue on his social media hinting that he might be involved in something connected to the “Uncharted” video game franchise.

And he did it again the next day, this time with an unmistakable reference to the series.On Wednesday, Fillion Instagramed a photo of rapper Drake, with the caption “Sic Parvis Magna.” That’s latin for “Greatness from small beginnings,” and it was the motto of British privateer Sir Francis Drake.

But video game fans immediately recognized that it’s also the motto adopted by the main character of Developer Naughty Dog’s “Uncharted” video game series, Nathan Drake, who claims to be descended from Sir Francis.The post

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