Did Netflix Backlash Cost ‘Roma’ the Best Picture Oscar? Alfonso Cuarón Responds

Did “Green Book” win Best Picture because it was beloved or because a majority of Academy members refused to give the Oscars’ top prize to a Netflix movie like “Roma”? That’s one of the biggest questions surrounding the 2019 Oscars.

A prevailing theory among Oscar pundits is that Netflix fears cost “Roma” the Best Picture Oscar.

Netflix might have broken with tradition to release “Roma” in select theaters three weeks before its streaming debut, but the company is still mostly viewed as a threat to movie theaters and the theatrical experience.As IndieWire’s Anne Thompson reported after the Oscars, heavyweight Academy members such as Steven Spielberg are championing the theatrical experience over Netflix.

Spielberg, who is an Academy Governor, championed “Green Book” throughout awards season as a vote for cinema itself.

The director has been vocal about defending the theatrical experience and wanting Netflix movies to vie for Emmys instead of Oscars,

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