Director Jill Culton on the Evolution of ‘Abominable,’ Working With Pearl Studio

It took several years, but writer-director Jill Culton has finally seen her animated film “Abominable” come to the big screen, and in a big way.

The DreamWorks Animation-Pearl Studio production led the domestic box office with $21 million in its opening weekend.

As of Oct.

8, it has taken in nearly $80 million worldwide, and critics have sung its praises.The longtime animator first started the project at Dwa seven years ago, but left it for awhile after the company experienced exec changes and was sold.

Then, not that long ago, Culton was asked to come back on to see it to fruition.Culton, who will be among the keynote speakers at the 2019 View Conference Oct.

21-25 in Turin, Italy, spoke with Variety about her upcoming View presentation and about her journey to finish the story of a girl who learns to move past the grief of losing her father by helping a

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