‘Disco Elysium’ Getting TV Adaption, Netflix Teases ‘Cuphead’ Series

Friday was a good day for fans of television adaptions of acclaimed video games: A new series based on 2019’s hit “Disco Elysium” will eventually make its way to the small screen, while Netflix has unveiled a new teaser for its upcoming adaption of the “Cuphead” video game.Variety reported that “Disco Elysium,” which centered on a player-controlled detective who solves crimes in a gritty, comically bleak world, will be adapted into a television series via production company dj2 Entertainment, whose founder Dmitri M.

Johnson, served as a co-producer on the “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie.

The series willThe series premiere is likely a ways away, as Variety reported that there is no writer, network, or streaming service attached to the project.

The production company is currently meeting with writers and aims to pitch the project later in the year, according to Variety.As for “Cuphead,” Netflix’s adaption of

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