‘Doc McStuffins’ Changed Disney, Now Her Creator Is Coming for All of Kids TV

Aspiring TV writers, brace yourselves when you hear this: “Doc McStuffins” was the first show creator Chris Nee ever pitched.

Thirteen years into a successful writing career in kids television, Nee sold her idea about a little girl doctor who “fixed” her toys to Disney.

While the top brass “got it” right away, Nee says the first season of “Doc” was far from being considered “the high profile show in development.” Five seasons, two spinoffs, and a couple collaborations with Michelle Obama later, and “Doc McStuffins” is considered a Disney legacy project.

Nee recently parted ways with Disney in 2018 to set up shop at Netflix, under a sweeping deal that positions her well on her way to becoming the Shonda Rhimes or Ryan Murphy of kids TV.Animation is one of the few areas of entertainment that has not been slowed down by the challenges of social distancing, as long

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