Don Cheadle and ‘No Sudden Move’ Co-Stars Celebrate With In-Person Premiere at Tribeca Festival

For Don Cheadle and several of the cast members of “No Sudden Move,” the heist movie’s Tribeca Festival premiere was one of the first in-person events they’ve attended since the pandemic began.“I’m looking forward to the movie, it’s gonna be a crazy experience,” Cheadle told Variety at the film’s Friday night premiere.

“I haven’t been to a theater; I’ve seen one movie in a theater with David Harbour.

It was the two of us in a 150-seat theater.

We rented out the whole place.”While filming “No Sudden Move,” the two co-stars went together to see Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending thriller “Tenet,” one of the few big-budget films to release in 2020 during the pandemic.

However, they were too busy discussing their own film, a crime thriller set in 1950s Detroit directed by Steven Soderbergh, to follow “Tenet’s” time-twisty plot.“We really

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