Don’t Look Up Director Adam McKay Is Producing J6, A Movie About The January 6th Insurrection

When Trump supporters assaulted the US Capitol building on January 6 following Trump’s election loss, it was widely considered to be the most egregious domestic attack on the foundation of our democratic republic since the Civil War.

The fresh stain on America’s history will be center-stage in the feature film “J6,” handled by “The Comey Rule” director Billy Ray.

Ray finds a formidable teammate in Adam McKay, who is currently enjoying praise and pushback for his own grim feature “Don’t Look Up.” McKay produces alongside “Comey Rule” exec producer Shane Salerno, as well as Todd Schulman, Josh McLaughlin,…The post Don’t Look Up Director Adam McKay is Producing J6, a Movie About the January 6th Insurrection appeared first on /Film.

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