Don’t stop at The Departed’s rat: six other movie scenes that should be cut

The car visible in the background in Braveheart? Kevin Spacey in Baby Driver? The money must be raised via Kickstarter to excise these and other crimes against film-makingThe Departed is Martin Scorsese’s financially most successful film, and the only one to earn him a best director Oscar.

And yet, thanks to its final shot, it might also his most divisive.

Fans have long decried the fact that a movie in which police officers and criminals rat on each other ends with a ham-fisted shot of a real rat scurrying across a railing.Now they are doing something about it; a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to digitally erase the rat from The Departed, permanently undoing cinema’s most heavy-handed metaphor.

This feels like the start of a movement; no longer is the power to retcon beloved films confined to the likes of George Lucas and Jk Rowling.


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