‘Effect Leads To Cause’: Recapping ‘Devs’ Episodes 1-4 [Podcast]

In our podcast earlier this week on the films of Alex Garland, my co-host Noah described the writer/director as a master of “the cosmic F.U.”Read More: ‘Devs’: Alex Garland Examines False Techno Prophets Via A Stunning Astral Algorithmic Intelligence [Review]And that’s certainly one way to look at the career of a creator who’s dreamt up all manner of man’s demise.

Movies he’s written and/or directed have seen humans getting mauled by zombies, impaled by artificial intelligence, warped into walking vegetation, and scalded to death by the sun.Continue reading ‘Effect Leads To Cause’: Recapping ‘Devs’ Episodes 1-4 [Podcast] at The Playlist.

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