Egyptian Auteur Yousry Nasrallah on New Project ‘The Legend of Zeineb and Noah’ (Exclusive)

Yousry Nasrallah (pictured) is among Egypt’s most highly regarded filmmakers, known for depicting his country’s social and political complexities in multi-layered movies such as “Gate of the Sun” (2004), “Aquarium” (2008) and “After the Battle” (2012), a meditation on the Tahrir Square revolution.He is now working on magical realism/coming-of-age drama “The Legend of Zeineb and Noah,” in which a 12-year-old Muslim girl named Zeineb, who strongly believes in many superstitions, steals her recently deceased mother’s corpse in order to delay the funeral.Zeineb, who despite her young age is already engaged to an older man, escapes from her village in Upper Egypt with Noah, her 16-year-old Christian neighbor, embarking on a road trip in which they both confront many of the myths and fears they believed were true.

The project is being unveiled at the Cairo Film Festival’s Cairo Film Connection co-production platform.“What interested me most

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