Émilie Simon Contributes Flamenco/Gypsy Vibe to John Turturro’s ‘The Jesus Rolls’

For French musician Émilie Simon, the flamenco-meets-gypsy vibe writer-director John Turturro was seeking for the soundtrack to his movie “The Jesus Rolls” turned out to be in her musical and genetical DNA.“This music originally comes from where I grew up in the south of France,” says the 41-year-old electronic musician, who has released five albums in France since her self-titled 2003 debut.

“It was something deep in my genes, my blood, my childhood.

It’s a language I understand and am very sensitive to.”“The Jesus Rolls,” which opens this weekend, picks up the story of Puerto Rican bowling kingpin Jesus Quintana, who made his infamous ball-licking cameo in “The Big Lebowski” to the tune of the Gipsy Kings’ cover of “Hotel California.” He returns here having been released in jail to join up with Bobby Cannavale and French chanteuse Audrey Tatou.

What few people know is the character was

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