Emily Blunt: ‘It’s about human beings and how they’re affected by a crisis’

Now postponed because of coronavirus, A Quiet Place 2 explores a world untethered by fear.

Its star discusses parenthood, in film and real life, and her terror of doing SNLEmily Blunt and her husband, John Krasinski, devised a rigorous self-care regime when the pair were making A Quiet Place, 2017’s harrowing self-isolation horror hit.

“I always say that Macallan 12 sponsored A Quiet Place,” says Blunt.

“John and I would just go home and drink a lot of whisky every night.

And that sort of continued on A Quiet Place 2.”You, too, might need a tumbler of scotch while watching the film.

Blunt describes it as a “runaway train that grips you by the neck”, which is half-right.

It also takes that neck and lays it on the tracks before running over it repeatedly.

“I realised what an investment people had in this family from the first film,” says Blunt.

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