‘Entourage’ Creator Says HBO Ignores Series Over ‘PC Culture’ Backlash: ‘I Resent It Tremendously’

In a lengthy interview with Yahoo Entertainment, “Entourage” creator Doug Ellin criticizes HBO for ignoring his series in the decade since the comedy signed off the network.

“I resent it tremendously,” Ellin said, adding that HBO giving “Entourage” the cold shoulder in recent years is due to the same “wave of righteous PC culture” that has created backlash around the series.

“Entourage” is often criticized for its misogynistic depiction of women and accused of glorifying toxic Hollywood culture, among other grievances.

Ellin said the show was merely depicting Hollywood at the time and would be updated with the times if HBO rebooted the property.“I don’t think ‘Entourage’ was this vulgar boy-fest that people like to paint it as now,” Ellin said.

“When we came out, the New York Times said we were the smartest show on television! If we did reboot the show, it’s not that I

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