Everything You Need to Know About FX on Hulu

There’s FX, there is Hulu, and now, thanks to Disney’s ongoing absorption of almost every corner of the entertainment industry, there is FX on Hulu.

Alongside the debut of Alex Garland’s acclaimed “Devs” on March 5, consumers can experience the premiere of the new initiative, which is only available to Hulu subscribers.That’s right — despite the FX name behind it, “Devs” doesn’t air on linear TV.

You can’t flip to FX the network and watch it.

You can only see it if you subscribe to Disney-owned Hulu, where Disney-owned FX will now become one of its hallmark brands for adult programming.The initiative, which Disney announced last November, brings most legacy FX programming to Hulu, and shifts several of FX’s upcoming series exclusively to the streaming service.

Hulu features a dedicated hub for FX on Hulu programming and new episodes of FX shows from

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