‘Fast and Furious 10’ Filming Has Neighbors Fuming Over Dangerous Car Stunts

“Fast and Furious” fans around the world are excited for the return of the franchise with the 10th installment, “Fast X,” next April.

The residents of Los Angeles’ historic Angelino Heights neighborhood, not so much.Ever since it premiered in 2001, “Fast and the Furious” fans have made a beeline to Angelino Heights to gawk at Bob’s Market, the store owned by the family of the film’s Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and the character’s quaint Victorian house.But unlike the nearby house where The WB series “Charmed” was shot, Bob’s Market and Dominic’s house have become a destination for more than just snapping selfies.

Nearly every night, car enthusiasts spin out doing donuts at high speeds in front of the store in addition to racing and doing street takeovers throughout the area just west of Downtown.Residents who deal with the constant noise and unsafe conditions are fed up,

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