Fast & Furious 9 review – Vin Diesel and crew kick Isaac Newton’s ass

The gang are back for another bout of deafening and magnificently silly, gravity-defying action, leaving plot logic in the dust and driving their cars into spaceAfter nine films, the gigantic steroidal humungousness of the Fast and Furious franchise has finally rolled over me like a tank.

This deafening fantasia of internal and external combustion delivers outrageous action spectacle magnificently divorced from the rules of narrative or gravity.

There is one shot of a car driving up the far side of a rope bridge that has been cut and whose loose rope-fronds are collapsing behind the car into the abyss.

I think we can include Isaac Newton among the people who are getting their asses kicked here.Related: Vroom or bust: is Fast & Furious the ultimate franchise of our times?

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