‘Fatale’ Review: Hilary Swank Is Michael Ealy’s Fatal Attraction

Offering melodramatic thrills very much in the “Fatal Attraction” mode, “Fatale” presents Michael Ealy as a married L.A.

sports agent whose first-time fall off the fidelity wagon unluckily proves to be with one hell of a “woman scorned.” Its appeal to African-American audiences furthered by villainess Hilary Swank’s character being a crooked cop, this is a glossy, formulaic exercise handled with enough finesse by director Deon Taylor to make for a diverting night’s watch, if not much more.

While it won’t likely turn the Covid-era box office slump around in Lionsgate’s Dec.

18 release on 1,000-plus theatrical screens, the microwave popcorn should commence popping once it hits PVOD Jan.

8.Derrick Tyler (Ealy) has it all, to a lifestyle-fantasy degree: Hanging out with star athletes he represents at the successful L.A.

agency he founded with best friend Rafe (Mike Colter); living in a spectacular hillside house,

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