Fathom Events, Spain’s Bosco Partner to Release Documentary ‘Alive’ in 700 North American Screens (Exclusive)

Fathom Events and Spain’s Bosco Films are partnering to bring faith-based documentary “Vivo” (“Alive”) to about 700 North American locations on April 25.Produced by Hakuna Films and directed by Jorge Pareja, “Alive” narrates four real-life stories filmed in Spain of people who tell how Christian’s Eucharist transformed their lives.“Alive,” which previously bowed by Bosco in Spain and 14 Latin American territories, marks the Spanish indie distributor’s leap into the international market, where it’s been closing a bundle of exhibition agreements with local and international operators.The peak in “Alive’s” international theatrical career comes with the U.S.

release after the Fathom Events deal.“In the event cinema business, we see that people come to the theater in groups, having a true community experience,” said Ray Nutt, CEO of Fathom Events.“To be able to bring this same experience to the Spanish speaking community is very important to us.

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