Feast on British Queer Zombie Series, ‘In the Flesh’

An iconic image of a zombie is the braiiins-eating, staggering husk of a body, the dirt of their burial plot smudged over them.

But like vampires and werewolves, there are fresh ideas to explore with those reanimated corpses.

Recently, The Last of Us presented a unique hour of post-doomsday television, showcasing an older gay couple (Murray Bartlett and Nick Offerman) surviving in a world overtaken by the “infected.” In the Flesh shifts the focus away from the human survivors, and places it onto the undead, using zombies to center the show around bigotry, depression, and queerness.

Airing in 2013, the series stayed out of the grave long enough to release two seasons, nine episodes in total, offering up a new take on the horror subgenre by looking at the “two sides to every story” that is the living and the undead.

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