Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds review – Werner Herzog dodges meteorites | Peter Bradshaw’s film of the week

In his latest science documentary, the film-maker considers the cataclysmic threat from space that’s as real now as it was when the dinosaurs died outIn 2007, Werner Herzog made a movie about Antarctica called Encounters at the End of the World where he met the Cambridge University geographer and seismologist Clive Oppenheimer.

The resulting partnership has opened up whole new adventures for Herzog in pop anthropology and the history of ideas.

Together, Herzog and Oppenheimer made Into the Inferno in 2016, with Oppenheimer largely in front of the camera and Herzog behind, naturally supplying the unmistakable rasping voiceover with its occasional flourishes of nihilist black comedy.

Into the Inferno was all about how volcanos create strange belief systems and supplicant ideologies in the humans around them.Now Herzog and Oppenheimer are back (and Oppenheimer gets a co-directing credit) with another nimbly curious and fascinating film, on a similar topic: meteorites.

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