Foul Results for Disappointing ‘Birds of Prey’ Result in First Down Weekend of 2020

Margot Robbie celebrates a great year this weekend with her Supporting Actress nomination for “Bombshell” and key presence in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” And to be the lead (as well as a producer) for “Birds of Prey” (Warner Bros.) would normally mean that grossing $33 million is sufficient balm in case she doesn’t win.Not so in this case for multiple reasons detailed soon.

But the larger context first.

Grosses in total will be down $20 million for the same weekend last year, something not seen thus far in 2020.

That’s about an 18% drop from the $115 million in 2019, and at $95 million it’s the second time in six weekends the box office has fallen short of $100 million.

Last year it didn’t happen twice until the normally slow Labor Day weekend.What kept the weekend — hurt by only having one new wide release, compared to four a year ago

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