Fox’s ‘Crime Scene Kitchen’ Is the Best Baking Show Yet

When it comes to reality TV competitions, so many of us picture intense survival shows with death-defying obstacles or the glitzy musical escapades of aspiring stars.

But none have been more whimsically charming than those involving TV’s guiltiest pleasure — baked goods! Between The Great British Bake-Off and Nailed It, baking competitions have become as relaxing as a warm water bath for a moist, delicate chiffon cake.

Yet as the genre can often fall into redundancy, Fox’s Crime Scene Kitchen continues to spice things up by serving a culinary guessing game that will whet one’s appetite with its absorbing mystery, mouthwatering bakes, and sharp hilarity care of host, Joel McHale.

With the reality baking competition returning for its anticipated sophomore season on June 5, the summer series continues to prove it’s one of the best, most creative baking shows out there yet, and it’s only getting started.

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