Gaspar Noé Directs Charlotte Rampling in a Darkly Chic Short for Saint Laurent — Watch

Gaspar Noé hasn’t made an appearance behind the camera since 2019, when he released his Saint Laurent-produced mockumentary-style film “Lux Æterna” at Cannes, the French provocateur’s usual stomping grounds for unsettling fare like “Climax” and “Irreversible.” “Lux Æterna,” starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Béatrice Dalle as themselves making a film about witches, hasn’t reached U.S.

shores yet.

But Noé’s latest Saint Laurent-produced creation might just give you a taste of what that film’s up to.

Watch below.Noé’s new short, clocking in at just under eight minutes, is anything but a for-hire assignment.

Instead, it’s a wholly Noé-esque experience and totally disorienting, even on a small screen.

Oh, and it stars icon Charlotte Rampling, bedecked in fabulous couture and haunting the halls of a crimson-dipped mansion sprawling with eerie atmospherics.“A world bathed by a red, hazy, velvety light, reminiscent of the glory years of Giallo,

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