‘Good on Paper’ Review: Iliza Shlesinger Charms in Netflix’s Messy Rom-Com About the Hell of Dating

Messiness is essentially the theme of Kimmy Gatewood’s “Good on Paper,” so it’s fitting the director and actress’ feature filmmaking debut is just that: messy.

Not that it’s lacking charm, mostly care of star and screenwriter Iliza Shlesinger, who gamely co-opts her own notoriety and crazy stories to offer up an anti-rom-com with some sage insights about both modern romance and the stand-up comedy game.

And yet, despite a clever idea at its heart — a serial dater meets a guy who seems too good to be true, a concept Shlesinger mined from her own bad dating experiences — “Good on Paper”Still, that doesn’t mean such insight and sparkle isn’t present, but they are often buried beneath scattered plotting that seems oddly uncomfortable with sticking to one idea for longer than a single scene or two.

Ideas aren’t the problem here: Shlesinger and Gatewood are full of them,

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