‘Hacks’ Star Hannah Einbinder Exposes Cancel Culture Myth: ‘Even Bill Cosby Is Free’

Emmy nominee Hannah Einbinder knows a “Hack” when she sees one.The star of HBO’s critically acclaimed two-hander series “Hacks,” opposite Jean Smart, spoke out against the myth that cancel culture affects the comedy world.

To Einbinder, the real “hack” artists are those who continue to “bully people” using their platforms.“There are a lot of bullies who grew up to be comedians and they are just continuing to bully people,” Einbinder told The Independent.

“They have no desire to be thoughtful or make light of things, only to cause chaos or be what they believe is ‘edgy’ but is actually, in reality, hack.

They will always exist and if you don’t like them, don’t support them.

Don’t buy their tickets.”And also don’t expect them to be canceled: Einbinder clarified that the term “cancel culture” doesn’t necessarily apply to the comedy world.“I

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