Harris Dickinson: ‘Nudity is part of cinema – I’m balancing the field’

The star of Beach Rats, Trust and the forthcoming Kingsman prequel on his east London roots, working with Angelina Jolie and baring allThe punk provocateur Dennis Pennis, played by Paul Kaye, once famously asked Demi Moore whether, if it wasn’t gratuitous and it was tastefully done, she would consider keeping her clothes on in a movie.

Harris Dickinson chuckles when I bring up that prickly comic encounter during our Zoom conversation.

But the question remains: what are the odds that the 24-year-old actor will appear in something where he isn’t required to get his kit off?Audiences will be more familiar by now with his armour-plated pecs, washboard stomach and seashell-shaped belly button than they are with their own bodies.

In Danny Boyle’s glossy miniseries Trust, he wore ringlets, Speedo swimming trunks and precious little else to play the kidnapped heir John Paul Getty III.

In Postcards from London,

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