HBO Max’s Purge Of Shows Like Westworld Has Been ‘A Win’ For Tubi [Atx]

The entire media landscape is in a serious transition period right now.

Yes, streaming is the future (and that is why the Writer’s Guild of America is on strike right now), but that future is probably going to look more like traditional TV than anyone thought a handful of years ago. Part of that has to do with ad-supported, video-on-demand services (AVOD) such as Tubi, which have become quite popular in recent years — particularly for those of us who are tired of paying for any number of subscription-based services such as Netflix.

But Tubi, in particular, has oddly benefited from what has been generated by other major services on the market, particularly HBO Max (before it simply became Max).I was on hand at the Atx Television Festival for a panel called “Fast, AVOD, and the Return to Ad-Supported TV,” where Samuel Harowitz, the VP of Content Acquisition and Partnerships at Tubi,…

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