Hear me out: why Monster Trucks isn’t a bad movie

The latest in our series of writers sticking up for reviled films is a defense of the ‘toyetic’ action fantasy flop that puts monsters in … trucksThere is nothing pure about Monster Trucks.

It is not a work of art born from some noble truth.

It is a product – brightly-colored content meant to generate toys.

The idea originated around 2013 when Adam Goodman, then president of Paramount’s Motion Picture Group, watched his four-year-old son playing with toy trucks.

By 2014, Paramount issued a press release calling their new title Monster Trucks a “movie which has great toyetic appeal.” This unapologetic ploy to sell plastic made for an ignoble start to Monster Trucks, and things wouldn’t improve.

The general concept – monster trucks that have real, but friendly, monsters inside them – didn’t inspire much confidence outside of “toyetic appeal,” either.Related: Hear me out: why The Wedding Planner isn’t a bad movieContinue reading.

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