Heidi Ewing on Documentary Filmmaking After Trump and How Biden Could Impact Immigration

Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady know how to find compelling subjects.

From the religious extremists of “Jesus Camp” to the abortion clinics of “12th & Delaware” and the ex-Hasidic Jews expelled from their community in “One of Us,” the documentary filmmaking duo have been capturing urgent scenarios for years.

On Wednesday, while much of America experienced the presidential inauguration at home, Ewing and Grady were running around D.C.

with their cameras, working on a new project.

For Ewing, that was business as usual.

“Two of our subjects are U.S.

journalists, and we go where they go,” she said by phone the next day.Produced with Ronan Farrow as part of his HBO deal, the movie has the working title “Endangered” and follows several journalists around the world.

Amid working on the project, Ewing also premiered her narrative debut, “I Carry You With Me,” at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

That film,

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