‘Hereditary’: A24 Is Promoting Its Next Big Horror Movie By Sending People Terrifying Handmade Dolls

In the horror world, nothing quite says “creepy! but also maybe hug me!” like a well-placed doll.

And in Ari Aster’s upcoming A24 release, “Hereditary,” the place is just crawling with them, thanks in part to star Toni Collette’s character’s bent towards building tiny models of the world around her.

It’s a weird world, too.

Distributor A24 has taken that particular element of the film, which bowed at Sundance and is set for a summer release, to some pretty wild ends, sending out creepy dolls to various audience members after they take in the chilling horror feature.As the Av Club reports, “Moonlight” director Barry Jenkins was one of the first to receive a doll after seeing the film at a recent midnight screening.

The filmmaker puts it succinctly: “Y’all play Waaaaaay tew damn much.”He’s not exaggerating, because while A24 is sending out

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