Here’s How Many Takes It Took To Get Danny DeVito’s Always Sunny Couch Scene Perfect

If 16 seasons of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” have taught us anything, it’s that there’s nothing Danny DeVito won’t do for a laugh.

The seasoned sitcom veteran has gone to pretty unbelievable extremes on the series, performing visually striking physical comedy that both disgusts and delights.

In perhaps the most memorable moment of the entire series, a sweat-drenched, naked DeVito emerges from a leather couch during an office cocktail party.

So, what was it like shooting that unforgettable scene? How did an established actor like DeVito get talked into it? And how many times did he have to pop out of the couch before they got the final take?For those who need their memory jogged, DeVito’s character Frank ends up inside a couch at a Christmas party that takes place at the company he used to own.

His children want to demonstrate that his former employees hate him and…

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