Hold up: It’s time to start taking Beyoncé’s filmmaking seriously

Not content with being the world’s most celebrated pop star, Beyoncé is emerging as a major figure in cinema tooBack in 2002, 20-year-old Beyoncé was appearing as Austin Powers’s love interest in Goldmember.

She’s come some way since.

In fact, as her visual album Black Is King drops, it’s safe to say that Beyoncé is now not just one of the biggest pop stars on the planet but one of the most significant film-makers too.

Perhaps that hasn’t been recognised up to now due to her collaborative approach, which doesn’t fit into familiar “auteur” boxes, or because her visual work is not narrative-led, or presented through the usual cinematic channels, but as well as music, it’s clear Beyoncé has significant clout in film these days.Exhibit A would be her outstanding Lemonade visual album of 2016.

The film fused an array of influences – from

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