Hollywood’s Iconic Tcl Chinese Theatre Celebrates 95 Years of Premieres and Stars

From “The King of Kings” to “The Northman,” hundreds of films have premiered within the storied walls of the Tcl Chinese Theatre, which celebrates its 95th anniversary May 18.Indeed, as early as 1933, the famed movie house appeared in other media as a boilerplate for how a premiere should, and often does, look like.

Since then, the theater played itself in dozens of television shows and movies, some of which went on to debut on its iconic screen.

The forecourt holds the signatures and imprints of concrete immortalization.The former Grauman’s Chinese Theatre will fete its 95 years by launching a full year of programming, while also navigating premieres for first-run films and special events including the annual TCM Film Festival.

It repertory programming was scheduled both in the big house and at its sister location, the Tcl Chinese 6.“We’re going to be having screenings of seminal movies that have

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