‘Housebroken’ Review: ‘Veep’ Writers and Stars Reunite for Fox’s Still-in-Training Pets Comedy

Realistically, it’s hard to imagine any animated comedy taking anthropomorphic animals to the psychological extremes found in “BoJack Horseman.” Few series, animated or otherwise, have mined the depths of humanity with such exacting insight.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for further, furrier exploration.

Fox’s new comedy “Housebroken” follows a group of neighborhood pets who get together (daily? weekly? pretty often!) to discuss how their animal instincts gel with living in a human’s world.

Maybe they’re torn between the comforts of home and the call of the wild.

Maybe they’re coping as best they can with life’s finite nature.

Maybe they just got a bad haircut and don’t want their crush to see it.Through four episodes, characters are still being honed, ideal dynamics identified, and a consistent sense of humor established (here’s hoping for at least 40 percent less

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