How The Bridge On The River Kwai Set A New Standard For Actors’ Pay

In the highly unlikely event that you become a major Hollywood player (if that even means anything anymore), keep this in mind: net points are for saps.

Studio accounting is basically rigged to ensure that blockbusters almost never turn a significant profit.

This is because lowly creatives like screenwriters and the authors who wrote the material on which the movie is based would have to get paid, which is anathema to executives.If you want to get seriously wealthy in the film biz, get your agent to negotiate for gross points.

Get that first-dollar windfall before exhibitors and what-have-you get their cut.

That’s funny money.

And that gravy train got chugging down the track but good in 1957 when William Holden and his representation recognized his value to David Lean’s big-screen adaptation of Pierre Boulle’s World War II novel “The Bridge on the River Kwai.”Holden Has Columbia Over

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