How the Cinematography of ‘Evil’ Channels ‘Night of the Hunter’ and ‘Ida’

Robert and Michelle King’s supernatural procedural series “Evil” has long been one of the most terrifying shows on television and streaming (it premiered on CBS before migrating to its current home on Paramount+), as well as one of the most profoundly philosophical.The two aspects are inextricably linked, as the questions the series asks about faith, reason and whether evil comes from outside of us or within are explored via stories showcasing monsters both paranormal and human.

Finding a visual corollary for the show’s ongoing tension between the pragmatic and the spiritual while sustaining its eerie, dread-inducing atmosphere is the job of cinematographers Fred Murphy and Petr Hlinomaz, whose bold approach to lenses and composition has turned “Evil” into not only one of the most thoughtful and frightening series on the air but one of the most visually striking.One thing that immediately sets “Evil” apart from most

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