How The Cowboy Bebop Team Tried To Make Every Episode Feel Unique

Part of the tragedy of “Cowboy Bebop” is how the main characters are so weighed down by their pasts that they’re unable to live in the present.

The creative team behind the classic anime series didn’t share this attitude though.

When making the series, “Hajime Yatate” (their collective pseudonym) were all focused on the present, not what lay behind or ahead of them.Series director Shinichirō Watanabe and producer Masahiko Minami discussed their episode-by-episode attitude at a roundtable for the show’s 20th anniversary, held at French convention Japan Expo 2018.

Watannabe recounted (transcribed by SakuraBlog):”I had an episodic series in mind from the get-go.

I wanted every episode to feel fresh.

And all the aforementioned problems we encountered only reinforced that vision of the series I had…

But we still needed a thread, albeit thin, common to all episodes for the setting, world elements, characters, etc.”Those thin threads wound up being (a.

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