How to Watch the New Willow Series

The world of film has changed a lot in the past 30 years or so.

In 1988, millions flocked to their local theaters to watch the likes of Tim Burton’s gothic comedy Beetlejuice, David Zucker’s hilariously timeless The Naked Gun, or the incomparably moving Rain Man by Barry Levinson.

These films and many more make up what could be seen as a great year for cinema, however, one film that went slightly under the radar that year was Ron Howard’s Willow.

Originally touted as being a potentially massive hit for both MGM and Lucasfilm, its box office success was at least credible but certainly underwhelming.

Some 34 years later, and despite being in the middle of the Star Wars renaissance, George Lucas couldn’t help but return to the story he once loved creating all that time ago.

Deciding to drop the sci-fi and focus on fantasy for a short period,

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