‘Humpday’ Turns 10: Lynn Shelton Reflects on the Indie Breakout She Couldn’t Make Today

It was the bromance no one saw coming.

In January 2009, budding filmmaker Lynn Shelton made her Sundance debut with her third feature film, an improvised offering called “Humpday.” Starring fellow filmmakers Mark Duplass and Joshua Leonard, the film put a nutty twist on the buddy comedy, following a pair of long-time best pals who decide to make their own homegrown porno, featuring the two of them having sex.

One problem: they’re not actually gay, and the idea — a product of drunken one-ups-manship — freaks both of them out.The result was an amiable comedy about two dudes forced to grow up in unexpected ways.

Made for less than $20,000, the comedy was a hit on the festival circuit, earning Shelton a special jury Prize at Sundance, the John Cassavetes Award, and inclusion on the National Board of Review’s list of top indie films of the year.

Magnolia Pictures picked the film up at Sundance,

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