‘I have countless stories’: Jennifer Jason Leigh on lucky breaks, lotharios and late motherhood

The famously private actor opens up about Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen, her difficult family – and how her role in Patrick Melrose got under her skinIn the corner of an almost empty British-themed pub in Hollywood, a woman sits with a fringe concealing half her face.

At the age of 56, Jennifer Jason Leigh remains an enigma.

A chameleon who can do ethereal and gritty, ravishing and repellent, fragile and fierce, she was Tralala, the doomed prostitute in Last Exit to Brooklyn; Hedy, the stalker flatmate in Single White Female; and Daisy, the homicidal fugitive in The Hateful Eight.

A child actor turned 90s film-noir queen, she veered from mainstream stardom into indie projects, then the Hollywood wilderness, before roaring back in recent years.

All the while, she has kept a veil over her private life.“There was a time, when I was dating in my early 30s or late 20s,

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